name: Jonas, Age: 24,
I am a man who happens to be a Transsexual.
*I am a Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor
* I am currently in a relationship with a man who is absolutely amazing.
*I am Sioux Native American.
*I am a medical student at Sanford-brown college.
I am a huge gamer, and serious batman nerd. I love tim burton, edgar allen poe, and my sugar gliders [of course i love my boyfriend also]


Since when did being a feminist mean you look a certain way?
in accordance to the post i put up prior. where a person says that he assumed all feminists looked like “over weight women who don’t care what they look like” which is bullshit. feminists come in all shapes, sizes, looks, walks of life, and genders.
I’m a man, and I’m a feminist, and I do not think there is a specific way you should look. being a feminist is not about looking a certain way. it’s a belief for equality. and There is no real freedom til we’re all equal.
i wanted to post this on the other post, but i couldnt figure out how to get the pics on there lol

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