I'm Jonas Teddy Mayes, 24 yrs old, Transsexual Male, Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor, Pan-sapio-sexual, monogamist, currently in a relationship with a man who is absolutely amazing, I love traveling, I've seen 29 of 50 states, lived in 8 of them. I'm Sioux Native American, and proud of my heritage. I'm a tattoo artist/body piercer. As well as a Supervisor at Home Goods. My blog is sometimes random, sometimes trans-political, but all me. I am not ashamed of who I am, and I will always stand up for what I believe in.
So please enjoy my neurotic low self-esteem blog [;

random things to know: i believe in equality, for everyone, not the idea of one group having more "equality" than an other, just everyone being equal and taking mutual responsibility, I am a cancer survivor, 7 yrs remission. I am a trans advocate, Gay rights advocate, and i fully support womens rights, but as i said i believe we're all equal and no one is better than anyone else. I feel like the idea of a wife in the kitchen is outdated and she is free to do as she wishes. I have liberal views typically. I voted for Obama. and I stand by my vote. I believe that racism and prejudice is a bigger illness in the world than crime, because more than just criminals are racist or prejudice. I also need to add that if you're a complete cunt i will fucking call you out on it. Also i hate when trans people talk shit about cis people, we're asking to be accepted, and putting cis people down as if theyre horrible doesnt help our case. if you have a disagreement with what i feel or believe, i am sorry you feel that way but dont waste my time arguing with me, i will debate but i do not fight and i wont stoop to cursing and acting like a child. and i can be pretty generous with the unfollow and ignore buttons. Also dont bring up religion, im a pagan.

DISCLAIMER: i talk about my whole transition on here, this includes talk about sex, sexuality, masturbation, genitalia growth, chest changes, and there is a possibility for NSFW posts. i always tag everything NSFW and will use a cut tag [read more] for any nudity. so please keep this is mind, that i will be completely open about all the changes i will be encountering on my journey into my true form.


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